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Caitlyn is the creative force behind Lila, a shop redefining birth experiences with stylish and functional labor and hospital gowns for women. We focused her designs to be uplifting, creative, feminine, luxurious, and sleek - mirroring Caitlyn's commitment to offering intuitive, comfortable, and empowering alternatives to traditional hospital gowns.


Brand & website design

"It wasn’t just picking out colors or making nice looking designs, you built a brand using our companies values and considered on a deeper level what they would want to see. It felt very strategic and professional!"

"It felt very strategic and professional!"

Kind words from Caitlyn

Feeling overwhelmed, conflicted, or intimidated by the thought of branding? You're in the perfect place. I’m Karlie, and as the creative behind K Made Design Co., I breathe life into brands for visionary entrepreneurs like you every day. My role is to spotlight what makes you distinct and then propel you to stand out in your industry.

Overwhelmed by your own brand.


Your reputation is pivotal, and I’ve heard through the grapevine that the quality leads you're seeking are scrutinizing yours. A piecemealed brand does no justice to your meticulously crafted client experience, services, and business structure. It’s time to align your external brand image with the exceptional quality of your services.

I believe every female founder deserves an iconic brand & website that live up to their business.

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